Saturday, 19 August 2017

♥Nikki Lipstick Dolly Pocket Top♥ & Trying Cosmetic Glitter~!♥♥


Heyo everybunny~!♥
How are you~?

It's time for another outfit post~! Yay!♥♥

Today I'll be showing you a few outfits featuring my Dolly Pocket top from Nikki Lipstick~!

I love Nikki's designs so much!♥ I'm a big fan of her & her brand~♥♥ Before I went on holiday I bought the Dolly Pocket top~!
It's an adorable shade of pink & has super cute ruffles!♥
I'm so happy that it arrived at my friend's house before our trip to Disney World bc I really wanted to wear it at Magic Kingdom!!♥♥

When I went there ofc I had to get a pink drink too~!♪
The Marie headband is from Tokyo Disney Resort~!
I picked it up cheap in an auction.♪

I also got the dole whip :3c ♥♥♥

Soon I'll be writing posts of my holiday adventures so I hope you'll look forward to them~!♥

Time for some outfits~!♪

♥Outfit Rundown♥

Top→ Nikki Lipstick
Shorts→ Swankiss
Shoes→ One Spo


This is the outfit I wore at Magic Kingdom~!(Just without the Marie ears ><) I got the shorts just before going to Disney World along with the top!♪ I had my eye on them for a while so I was so happy when I got them~! They go with so so many things, I love them! The top is perfect for a summery day out♥

I love my Betsey Johnson phone handbag♥

♥Outfit Rundown♥

Top & Socks→ Nikki Lipstick
Shorts→ Forever21
Shoes→ One Spo


This is similar to the first outfit but with Nikki Lipstick socks and metallic shorts~! Right now most of my clothes are at my university apartment, but luckily I have some cute things I bought on holiday to go with this top~! I feel like I'll end up finding tons more cute things to coordinate with this top once I'm reunited with the rest of my wardrobe ahah♥
The socks are perfect for the UK summer because it can still be a bit chilly at times >< I love wearing them with these sandals~!♪

♥Outfit Rundown♥

Top→ Nikki Lipstick
Overalls→ Forever21
Hat→ Pokemon

I used to wear overalls all the time as a kid & I found these ones on holiday~! The top is super cute with the overalls because the ruffles peek out from the straps!♥♥ It's also a super comfy outfit because the top is super soft and the overalls are really baggy~!♥


♥Makeup Rundown♥

Eyeshadow→ TooFaced Chocolate Bonbons Palette
Eyeshadow & Glitter→ Give Face Cosmetics
Lipstick→ Etude House
Highlighter→ BHCosmetics Blacklight Highlighter Palette


I got some cosmetic glitter & loose powder eyeshadow recently from Give Face Cos~!♥ 
I've never used cosme glitter before so I was super excited to try it out~! I used a little on my eyes & lips and they were p sparkly~!♪ I think my makeup turned out really well actually~! I still have lots to improve on, but still, I'm quite happy♥ I was surprised at how neatly it turned out ahah ; w ;♥ 
I ordered some more glitter and eyeshadow in different colours for a costume I'm putting together atm~ I'm really excited to see how it will turn out!!♥

Thank you so much for reading everybunny~!♥
Which outfit was your favourite~?♪